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Sol Tech Group is your premier equipment supplier to the Cast Metals Industry in the midwest. We have equipment for all facets of your foundry processes including Green Sand Molding, No Bake, Die Castings and Permanent Mold.

  1. Molding processes: Green Sand, No Bake
  2. Sand preparation and sand delivery equipment: sand plants and mixers
  3. Green Sand, and No Bake molding equipment
  4. Sand control and testing equipment
  5. Core Making equipment: No Bake, Cold Box, Warm Box
  6. Mold handling: Green Sand and No Bake
  7. Metal delivery systems: cranes, mono rail, bridge cranes, and pouring, transferring and treatment ladles
  8. Casting cooling and shakeout equipment
  9. Sand reclamation: mechanical attrition mills, and thermal reclamation units
  10. Sand cooling: water addition, fluid bed cooling
  11. Blast equipment: tumble, spinner, continues
  12. Scrap systems: charge systems, chip drying
  13. Environmental: dust collection, scrubbers
  14. Laser Technology: level sensors solid and liquid, event triggering, positioning, detection.

Let Sol-Tech Group help you improve your processes and add value to your bottom line.


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